Monday, September 10, 2012

Thrifting finds, ponchoriffic!

At the mere mention of "Let's take some photos," my daughter shoots up out of
her chair and runs to do makeup and hair.  Rest assured, the word homework
doesn't get the same enthusiasm! The last week or so I've been coming across
all of these remarkable ponchos and amazing leather coats. The thrift gods seem
to be on my side clothing-wise. She was hesitant at first when I handed her a
poncho... she asked me, "Are you sure it won't seem racist?" Ahahaha, I remember
a period during the 80s when EVERYBODY was wearing those poncho-esque

hoodies, so I'm going with completely acceptable on this one. I couldn't think
of anything, actually, that would be racially ignorant until I saw a bunch of kids
at her (rural Nebraska) school wearing all black and black face makeup. They
were doing it for school spirit, in support of a football game that evening, and
I can guarantee ya they have absolutely no idea that there'd be people who'd
find it offensive. I moved back here after living all over the US and England, and
can say that I miss diversity, because with it comes understanding. When I first
left here to enter the rest of the world, I didn't have a clue about other cultures
but I was thrilled to go out and meet every kind of person I could; I'd ask them
all sorts of ignorant and bizarre questions, beg for information. But the mis-
understandings go both ways. I remember as a third grader having penpals from
California. We were just sure they were so worldly, knowledgeable, and chic.  In
their letters they told us they liked Micheal Jackson but we "probably don't know
who that is." They asked us if we were scared of the indians... oh dear, here we
all are, out here in the boonies, no carpet or flooring and once a week gettin' to
listen to papa pickin' and mama play the washberd! Then, if we're good, we gets
to go 'n and listen to our favorite program on the radio! Goodness, what change
in perception has come from these internets. Hopefully understanding and
compassion will spread with each connection.

Anyway, you'll find these thar ponchos in my little etsy shop!

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