Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Somewhere between boho and kitsch

buttonkopart via etsy
via buttonkopart on etsy

I'm at an impasse; I love the kitsch and I love the bohemian... somewhere right in the middle is where I live. I love the wackiness, weirdness and zef qualities of kitsch, the soulfulness of boho. These finds were just about perfect for me, in bringing these two styles together.

00PicMonkey Collage

From top, clockwise:
via CrudeThings on etsy
via UTHAhats on etsy
via CrudeThings on etsy
via MoondialGypsy on etsy
via CrudeThings on etsy

Many more wild head pieces, head dresses and wigs after the break... just click below.

smalltownfrocks via etsy
via SmallTownFrocks on etsy

moondialgypsy via etsy
via MoondialGypsy on etsy

crudethings via etsy
via CrudeThings on etsy

UTHAhats via etsy
via UTHAhats on etsy

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