Monday, September 10, 2012

Kitchen: Accomplished


After four long years, I finally feel like the kitchen's complete. There have
been arguments about color, style, appliances, but at long last, it was all
worth the huge pain in my ass. I hated to paint over the beautiful wood in
the top photo; that was one of the biggest hold-outs. Problem was, and you

might not be able to see it in the photo, there was tons of water damage to
that beautiful wood, especially near the sink. And sanding and re-staining
weren't even an option, said my "carpenter in his own mind" husby. So the
REAL carpenter in this family pulled out the mitre saw and nail gun and
attached moulding to all four edges of each and every cabinet, taking them
from boring flat (and looking like mdf) to architectural. We looked high
and low for an alternative place to put the washer and dryer (my only
complaint about my home is the kitchen/laundry room combo), alas there
was no spot to be found. One day I'll add a closet to our bedroom and
put the washer and dryer in there... from then on it'll be one stop shoppin'
where clothes are concerned; put 'em on where you take 'em off and wash


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