Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thrifting Green River, Utah

I drove the width of Colorado yesterday, and by Utah was jonesing for a good thrift shop. Besides, I was virtually the only person in either of these states without something strapped to my roof. This had to change. I needed... furniture... sporting equipment... something. You're pretty much an outcast in these states without a Toyota SUV or a Subaru Wagon with something on top bragging about your physical prowess. But enough about that: Here's Green River Thrift.

03PicMonkey Collage
This green clad thrift store is run by a group of local volunteers, and supports the local Boys and Girls Club. There's no tax on your buys, since it is run as a non-profit. In the main room are murals (after the break) created by a local artist and the preacher's daughter, so I'm told.  In the 'bling bling' room, I found some wild cowboy snap shirts, a rainbow clutch, and a belt with some animals resembling the ones I've seen so far on this trip. Bling bling was also full of 80s wedding dresses and some very puffy prom gowns. Outside, there was the most adorable wooden baby crib with deer decals. I need some ideas on what to do with these... they're no longer 'safety approved' for little ones, but there should be something... any ideas?


  1. My mom is one of those volunteers and looks like you must have met her as that is her car parked there.

  2. haha, she is really sweet! Tell her I love the bling bling room!


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