Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gypsy Soul

I get just a few miles down the road and I begin to feel the freedom I've missed so much, stuck in a small farm town. Everything's exciting, a grocery store with pomegranates, mangos and butternut squash, and already, things are looking up.

I hang all my problems on objects and buildings: trees, cows, farmhouses, I hang fear, anxiety, insecurity and anything that wants to creep into my mind and ask me to dwell. As soon as I pass that object or animal, the problem linked to it fades into the rearview mirror. Once they've dissolved into the past, I'm free to fall in love with interstates, motel signs, old vehicles left to rust and become a marker on a desolate highway. The people who regularly drive by here know exactly how many minutes from this old Ford their turn off is, and without recognizing the connection, start physically readjusting for the turn or slowing for a stop ahead.

I've heard many artists reflect that some of their best thinking is done in the car, and i feel like 'people like us,' people with antennae on their heads, the empaths, the sensitive and introspective, pick up too many crossed messages when we sit still; the movement lets us flow through energy, rather than getting someone's weird juju stuck on us.

A psychic once told me that Vegas has an energy all its own... Las Vegas literally means, 'the meadows,' and it's a concave valley, a bowl with mountains all the way around. She said the energy swirls here, and all the hopes they bring in on one plane after another, all the sad, exhausted hangover feelings travel back out. It's interesting, and while I'm still fresh here from traveling, I'm making an effort to observe these feelings and see how they're unique from the relaxed way I feel in Nebraska.  And I'm making photographs... hundreds already, and I can't wait to download and show you these things I'm unable to put into words. Sometimes pointing the lens at something, stopping, breathing, observing and reaching out through it to grab at the feelings that don't fit into words.

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  1. So atmospheric! Makes me want to go on a road trip there too! Emma from and BYW


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