Friday, October 19, 2012

Red Rock Gypsies


I photographed the adorable Corinna and Kyler this morning out at Calico Basin, near Red Rock just outside of Las Vegas. The whole area out there is soooo beautiful, and photoing these two cute girls was a blast. Five more shoots tomorrow, and a few over the weekend, then they'll send me packin' back to Nebraska. Vegas is making me want to stay a little longer.


  1. Great blog! I'm browsing through our classmates blogs so i can comment a few of them (it's homework, you know, because you have to do it too ;))
    Well, i found yours and you have pretty nice pictures. In this post in particular, how did you do the Corinna+Kyler thing in the photo? Do you use photoshop or something else?tks and good luck with your work!

  2. Hi Andre,
    I used PicMonkey, a recommendation from BYW! You can use the collage maker, and then save it and take it into edit mode, adding the clip art and text! Thanks for stopping by.


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