Friday, July 1, 2011

dear Macintosh...


Dear Mac,

We, your adoring public, with our ipods clenched in fist, iphones in pocket, Mac in the craft room, would like to make a request: I*SEW. I know, not in your typical line of products... but we need one thing in sewing: INNOVATION! We need bright, bold, wild colors, we need a few design flaws corrected (that super narrow berth and those should-be-a-thing-of-the-past bobbins). We HATE bobbins! Put a full spool in there; we deserve that. All the industrial folks have had it for years. Then, make us some APPS. Crafty apps with stuff we can make even if we're drunk on the official drink of this website: PBR! Then give us a USB port to really make some custom stuff. Think of it: all this born again DIY generation indulging themselves in Mac, maybe for the first time, because Mac won't just be the official computer of graphic designers and photographers, but seamstresses and DIYers everywhere.
Oh, and you could totally pay off my student loans for bringing this to your attention. Just call Sallie Mae and say, "Lemme pay off that super delinquent!" They'll know.

Thanks buddy,


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