Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Arrrg, get me some friggin' Ikea...

piratePicMonkey Collage

Do you know that I live farther from an Ikea store than most Canadians? Yep, true, dead center betwixt the one in Chicago and the one in Dallas. Either is a 14 hour trip. Sure, mapquest says Chicago's 4 hours closer, but when you get up there the traffic makes up for it quick. So I'm reduced to occasionally finding something (like the rug shown) worth paying an ebayer extra to run out to the store and ship to me. I would like to go to an actual store at some point... I have such big dreams! Anyway, what does a person do out here, in an Ikea-less village, and four restaurants and one stoplight, 60 miles from a McDonald's? Well, we bedazzle vintage Mexican restaurant decor, that's what. I took this crazy big (heavy, too) pirate ship and spraypainted it white before getting a hot glue burn (or a thousand) putting these little stones on it. Did I mention I ran out of them, and had to drive 3 hours to a Hobby Lobby? The pirate ship is far from done, and I'm thinking maybe it needs some kind of light pointed at it for a disco ball effect. Meh, I don't know. I'll post more pics when she's done.

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