Thursday, November 8, 2012

Passing the test, keeping the boobies

0pinkPicMonkey Collage
Clockwise from top: Neon necklace by Birdie Num Num, I <3 Boobies pencils by The Common Grade, Mrs. Roper, just because she's Mrs. Roper, Pink Knit Motorcycle Cozy by Trixie and Milo, Bill Murray Onesie by Truly Sanctuary, Hot Pink Slingshot by Hella Slingshots.

I got my tests back yesterday and my boobs will go on. I found a lump about a month ago today after having one of my awkward 'Medium' dreams where someone had cancer, I just didn't know who it was. Awoke from the dream only to find a lump and totally catastrophize. If you don't know what catastrophizing is, it's what people are doing today who were strongly convinced that if Obama won a 2nd term, the entire earth would explode. I kind of want to yell at them, "Get a grip! If you want a real scare, try on a cancer scare or try living in a place where testing and health care aren't very available!" I'm happy about our President's 2nd term, and hoping, fingers crossed, we'll get an excellent health care plan figured out in the next four. Every single person in the United States deserves appropriate and proper, reasonably priced care.

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