Thursday, October 11, 2012

October Inspiration

From top left, clockwise: Tokyo Club Kids in bathtubs by the photographer, Hal. Photograph by Filippo Minelli. Clothed statues by Alexis Persani. Photograph by Ben Aqua. More club kids in bathtubs by Hal. Photograph by Effelle Photography. Embroidered door by Sarah Greaves.

With Halloween a-comin' I decided to go way out there with my design inspirations for the day. I'm so thrilled to readily access so many artists via the internet; when I went to graduate school in '02, it seemed to get seen an artist had to be in NYC or LA, and extremely connected to the scene, which is often opposite to some very talented people who are either reclusive or just prefer to stay away from scenes.

What do you think? Are you into a scene or prefer to play voyeur? Do you find it easier to connect and put your work out there with the use of the internet?

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