Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh dear, oh my.

I loooove to go through weird stuff on ebay, check out backwoods craigslist, and just look for the oddities. Yesterday I found an ad from someone searching for their lost Airstream. I swear, craigslist is sometimes a storyteller's paradise.... it seems they lent their beloved aluminum twinkie to a horse trainer who done runned off with it. Dang.

In another ad, near the Lake of the Ozarks, some mountain folk had really rigged up their vintage camper/lake house fancy, with a huge (bigger than the camper) enclosed wooden deck complete with ceiling fans (on the deck, not in the camper). You, too, could own a piece of Ozark paradise... for just 10k.

But ... here! Here's the best one yet. From ebay, may I present: a vintage VW bus gone wild! Those are horns at the top! Horns!

baddest vw bus in the history of the world

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