Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween Wedding

Starting top left, left to right: The Letter O Monsterbet pillow, Rusty Foks, Personalized Tree Bark Band,
Mounted Deer Brooch, White and grey agate ring, Porcupine and Bullet earrings,
Mason jar lights, Chicken costume, Your Crazy Emotional Needs Give My Life Purpose,
Orange striped shrug, Victorian tattooed tough guy, Oh So Dear plate.

Our wedding's coming up this Halloween... people ask why that date? We met on Halloween and got engaged on Halloween, so I guess we're keeping the theme going!


  1. Wow thank you so much for including me in this amazing collection! I'm really honored!!

  2. wonderful collection! I've been admiring those fox scarves lately. what a fun blog! i'll be following ya! visit me at : :o)


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