Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'd like to see...

Hey! Illustrators and seamstresses, Spoonflower is running a contest for the best plushie design. Some of them are laugh out loud funny and some are just... weird. I'm pretty wild about "Crazy Rain" by My_Zoetrope. I can think of some pretty amazing artists and seamstresses on etsy who could ace this contest, because quite a few of the designs don't seem to be made by artists who've ever sewn before... weird, right?

I just ordered a plushie design from Spoonflower, and I'll be sure to take some photos of it when it's done. Here are some I found on flickr. This tattooed couple by Heidi Kenney are just soooo amazing, I had to get a yard to make the dolls for my sister-in-law who's preggy. Here's a link to Kenney's flickr account if you'd like to see some more inspiring plushies.

See?!! I LOVE them, can't wait to show you the final product. These images come from Danielle Thompson. See her beautiful blog here.

I'd also like to see plushies of:
Mexican Wrestling Unicorns
Tranny Lumberjacks
and perhaps a Tim Gunn doll...
What about you? What dolls would you like to see?


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